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Tanya Zouev

Tanya Zouev


Tanya Zouev is a food and lifestyle photographer working in Sydney Australia. Much of her life revolves around food and aside from photographing she also runs a blog called “The Cook Who Knew Nothing.” There she documents her experience and writes about cooking and food, and offers wheat-free recipes.

She inherited her passion for food from her Russian-born mother who was an excellent cook and took her to markets, gourmet food shops and excursions into the country to gather wild mushrooms and berries. On the weekends family and friends would spend their days in the country and their evenings enjoying east-European food.

It was love of food that brought her to her career as a food photographer and her love of photography that taught her to cook. Tanya Zouev reads extensively about food in other food blogs, magazines and old cookery books. Her photographic style is contemporary and her intention is to create images which make the viewer want to linger and experience the food within the picture.